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 Archives/History Committee



Kaia Zietz, Denise Krumwiede and Tracy Ulland continue to rummage through boxes of documents and valuable memories in our archives room. As we organize, we scan items into our Forever account to keep them safe and easy to preserve.


In 2017, Oak Valley purchased an account from through Tracy Ulland, a local lead ambassador. This account is owned by our church to house all documents, pictures, videos and audio. Our account is an online based program that stores our data on a permanent basis. We can reprint anything we store in this account from any device at any time. To access account, login to website, scroll down and enter in the search bar Oak Valley Lutheran Church and click on view profile. Within our account you can view funeral pamphlets, marriage records, annual reports, directory photos, council meetings, etc. and many more to come. We currently have over 5800 files scanned in. 


In 2020, we updated all the confirmation pictures located upstairs in the Sunday School wing. Take a moment to check out the updated framework.


The church also received a grant to purchase new camera equipment to allow our viewers to watch church services live. Due to this enhanced technology, we will start housing the services in Forever as well. More to come on those details.


If you are interested in being part of our committee, please contact the church office.


Continue to make memories,

Archives/History Committee-Thelma Lysne, Denise Krumwiede, Kaia Zietz and Tracy Ulland

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