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Oak Valley Quilting Group

Oak Valley is home to some very talented ladies & gentlemen. The quilting group meets Mondays at 9am during the school year to work on their quilts. You do not need to sew to become one of our quilters!  Some cut, some tie the quilts, some iron – we have a spot for everyone. Feel free to come join in and quilt with this amazing group.

Starting in January, Quilters from all churches meet on Tuesday Mornings at  9am to make quilts for the graduating seniors.

Senior Quilting.jpg

Do You Have Enough? 

This is the most common phrase used in the Oak Valley Quilting group on Monday mornings.  This small group meets for about 2 1/2 hours each Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., from September through April.  Normally the answer to the question, “Do you have enough?”  is “Yes, I have plenty!”.  As we tack the lower level of the quilt on the frame and then place the middle layer and finally tack the pieced section we need to work together and always find the task easier when more hands are available to help.  Strange how this is so similar to all workings of the church or really on community projects as well.  The group would love to have more workers - both male and female.  There are no special skills required, just a willingness to help and I guarantee you will feel blessings as you work together, enjoy a cup of coffee and a treat with others and watch these simple squares of cloth turn into very pretty finished products. Of course, if those of us working at the quilting frame have trouble with getting something lined up well, another common statement is “Verna can fix it”, as Verna does the folding and pinning step before the quilt goes to have the final machine stitching completed. 

These statements used in our quilting group are really so often used in life in general.  We wonder if we have enough - usually we have plenty and it is always more fun to share experiences and our abundance with others.  Come join the group on Monday mornings - you will feel the blessings also!  (Contributed by Alice Westby)


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